Bare Tea began the way many simple, great things do: a late-night conversation between friends. It had been a rough year—one that left me feeling empty and incomplete—and as my friend and I sat around a table in his small New York apartment, we talked about what it would be like to live without all of the distractions. To live an uncomplicated life. To notice every moment, and celebrate them, too. We dreamed of living simply. As the night wore on, one cup of tea turned into two, and the dream became a goal. We were convinced: true joy is found when life isn’t rushed. It’s found while enjoying the smallest things, while sitting and talking and sipping late into the night. Three years have passed, and I’m even more convinced of that now than I was then. If something as uncomplicated as a fragile leaf of tea steeping in water offered me respite from a hard day, clarity in the moment, and provided the space needed to look forward to tomorrow, I’m sure it will for you as well. It’s because of that night’s conversation, and the conviction that’s remained, that Bare Tea was born. My hope is that you’ll have many great moments, and share even greater conversations, while enjoying the taste, aroma, and healthy benefits of a perfectly steeped cup of Bare Tea. Here’s to the simple things,

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