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Green Virgin Formula 433 (quart) (12/37.5 oz)

GVP Formula 433 is an amazingly powerful, totally non-toxic all purpose cleaner degreaser concentrate. It is also odorless and hypoallergenic and even people with multiple chemical sensitivities can use it with absolutely no problems. It cleans using a new technology undiscovered until now. It cleans as good or better than any of the highly toxic cleaners yet it also saves you money.

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Green Virgin Products
Tampa Florida
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What is GVP Formula 433 All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate?

GVP formula 433 represents an amazing breakthrough in cleaning technology. It is totally non-toxic and will not harm the environment in any way. People that are chemically sensitive or hypoallergenic love this product. Yet, it is tough enough to tackle even the toughest jobs and it will work as good or better than even the most toxic brands. It cleans in a whole new way undiscovered until now. Yet when diluted 5:1 or 10:1 it kills over 99% of e-Coli and salmonella bacteria. It even kills insects. How can it be non-toxic and kill insects? GVP Formula 433 is a powerful grease and oil fighter. It dissolves grease and oil. Humans and pets are water based. Insects are oil based. So GVP Formula 433 does not harm humans but kills oil based insects. By law, we can’t say it’s an insecticide because insecticides must contain poisons. See a bug in the babies room just spray it and don’t worry about any toxic fumes or residue. Insecticides are one of the most dangerous chemicals available All Poststo consumers. Dispose of them right away, ASAP.

What is in GVP Formula 433?

The Ingredients are; purified water, fatty acids, coconut oil, organic alcohol (the alcohol all evaporates during the cooking process), vitamin B9, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed bearing plants. All ingredients are grown and processed in the USA. All ingredients are on the EPA’s “Generally Recognized As Safe,” list.

How Does GVP Non-Toxic Cleaner Work?

GVP Formula 433 is made using a proprietary process that results in the molecules of the GVP Formula 433 being about 10,000 times smaller than an oil, grease or dirt molecule. Every one of the GVP Formula 433 molecules also carries a powerful electrical charge with a positive and negative charge on each molecule like a tiny magnet. These grease loving and grease hating charges are able to surround the dirt because of their tiny size and break it up unlike any cleaner before. So instead of using powerful and toxic chemicals and solvents to clean, use GVP Formula 433 and clean the healthy, eco-friendly way. It is the best and safest all purpose cleaner ever invented.

Does It Cost A Lot More than Toxic Cleaning Products?

Since this product will replace almost all the toxic chemicals in your home you will see a large savings. Imagine one product that will replace many products depending on dilution. This quart will dilute out to about $150 worth of products. No more buying tub & tile cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet, window, oven, countertops, hand soap, dish soap, automatic dish detergent, laundry pre-spotter, carpet shampoo, and hundreds of other uses. See the user guide at the bottom of this page for directions for hundreds of cleaning jobs. It is highly recommended that you get the 2 mixing bottles we have made up with graduated markings on the bottle, along with many of the most common uses of the product with washing instructions. These are high-quality bottles with sprayers and will last decades. You only need to buy the spray bottles the first time. You just refill and reuse them over and over. This 1 quart will make 11 quarts of medium duty cleaner.


  • Brand
    Green Virgin Products
  • Unit Quantity
    12 bottles per case
  • Item Weight
    12 / 37.5 oz
  • Item Dimensions (l x w x h)
    8.63" x 10" x 11.25"
  • Case Quantity
    12 bottles per case
  • Lead Time
    1 - 2 days per case; 3 weeks per pallet

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Purified water, Fatty acids, Coconut oil, Organic alcohol, Folic acid (viamin B9), Minerals and enzymes derived from plants