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“We are parents of a child with a life threatening food allergy.”

Behind this singular reality is a depth and width of emotional, physical and spiritual challenge that consumes an enormous amount of energy. The paradox of our need to nourish our bodies with food and yet be hyper-vigilant about what food we put in our bodies creates an underlying state of anxiety for children, parents and caretakers.

“What have we been given, with which to give?” We asked this of ourselves in relation to Lily‘s nut allergy, and Don‘t Go Nuts is both our response and our prayer for each child, family and extended family to be able to rest in the certainty of safe eating.

We have come to understand on a deep level the need for clarity. While it may be absolutely clear to us what foods threaten Lily, we continue to be amazed and curious about how little the world around us “gets it.”

Our mission encompasses more than just producing nut-free foods. It is important to us to be a source of knowledge and wisdom. Living with a life-threatening nut allergy requires education and practice. Our website will serve as a valuable center for the latest information on care and living a secure life.

It is important for those who surround the person with a life-threatening food allergy to acknowledge that on a very real level, they too, feel threatened and fearful. Fear of the unknown. Fear of losing their child. Fear of making a mistake. As caretakers, this fear can show up in so many different ways and can even cause us to be irritable, minimizing and casual. We need each other to talk about this.

We understand. We are here. We are realistic about how much of this is uncharted territory. We have been here on this nut allergy journey long enough to know there are new worlds to be discovered. We hope you will join us to look both outward and inward to help our precious children live safe, free and confident lives.

~Jane & Doug Pinto

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