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About Us

Green Merchant Direct 

Green Merchant Direct is an online marketplace for great natural products. We connect businesses in search of wonderful natural products with the merchants who manufacture them. No more searching the internet looking for natural product selections again, we have what you need here at Green Merchant Direct!

Unlike many businesses that list and sell products under the minimum requirements to claim the natural label, Green Merchant Direct will ONLY list products that are truly ‘green’, ethical, and good for you and your customers.

In addition to health food businesses and grocery stores, Green Merchant Direct is meeting head-on the growing demand from institutions, such as colleges, hospitals, schools, restaurants, office buildings, buying clubs, etc.  These industries can find and purchase natural and organic products to be served in their places of commerce.  

Green Merchant Direct offers a combination of great products in one central on-line marketplace, which ships directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the freshest merchandise and the best prices.

 Our concept

Green Merchant Direct was established after seeing no real healthful choices in our schools and institutions, in response, we created a one-stop solution marketplace where you can find great natural products and the ability to get them straight to your businesses from the manufacturer with no third-party storage or charges.

Doing business the usual way with Manufacturer-> Distributor-> Business, products lose not only in freshness, but can become more expensive. Each distributor must sell their products with a margin – Now you can buy directly from the Manufacturer! We manage to provide top-quality products at the best price. Our belief is quality not quantity!