About Us


Green Merchant Direct  is your businesses one stop for all your natural product needs. We are a natural products online marketplace, specializing in natural, organic, plant-based, vegan and vegetarian products. We are a one stop solution for natural product Manufacturers to market and sell their products, for Retailers and Distributors to purchase great quality products, and for Institutions such as colleges, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, etc., to search and find great healthy alternatives for their customers, children, patients, and employees.

Green Merchant Direct also acts as a Broker, online, as well as offline working with Distributors, Retailers, and many other types of Buyers where we sell your products and services too.

Unlike many businesses who list and sell products under the minimum requirements to claim the natural label, Green Merchant Direct will only list products that are truly ‘green’, ethical, and good for you and your customers.

Green Merchant Direct sells to all mainstream independent health food stores and specialty chains, but we have made a name for ourselves by bringing natural products beyond the health food industry, with a strong focus on institutions such as universities, supermarket chains, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, gas stations, stadiums, theme parks, etc., placing your natural products in front of customers who would not necessarily go to health food and specialty stores. 

For Manufacturers: We will market your products placing them with distributors, large retailers, and institutions, manage your purchase orders, manage existing distributors.

For Distributors: We will give you relevant leads, open new markets, extend your distribution, you can manage your purchase orders, full product specs, see sales reports.

For Retailers: Get full product information, request store demos, and samples, request point of sales material and find distribution in your area.

Our belief is quality not quantity!